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Transmiter (Tx) impound procedure

  • All TX's must be OFF and remain OFF when not in use.
  • Members must place their CLUB CARD in the corresponding frequency slot prior to removing TX.
  • 7 TX's may be active at any given time, with 5 TX's inflight, antennas on grounded TX's must be collapsed.
  • To ensure fairness to all at the flying site, possession of FREQ. TAGS is limited to 15 min
  • Members must return their TX to the impound before returning their FREQ. TAG.
  • Radio equipment is to be charged at impound area only.
  • TX's must have the proper freq. flag and number attached, TX's without identification are not to be taken out of impound (Spread Spektrum Technology (2.4Ghz) are exempt.

Key City Bald Eagles enforcment policy

  • Engines will be started at the flight pads, and shutdown before returning to the pit area.
  • Takeoff, landing and traffic pattern will be downwind, meaning facing into the wind. Cross wind situations, direction of flight will be mutually agreed upon by pilots
  • Pilots will LOUDLY announce takeoff, landings, touch n go's. DEAD STICK landing have the right of way, landing aircraft have the right of way over aircraft taking off. Aircraft must not be taxied onto runway without first checking for landing aircraft. If cross strip is present follow centerline on climb out or approach beginning, execute a 180 deg turn returning to centerline of runway.
  • Violation of rules will result in a warning from a Field Marshal. Repeat violations may result in flying privilege suspension for no less than 1 day. Excessive violations will be brought to the Board for further action. (Fly-over’s, Flight-line)
    • 1st offense - 2 week suspension
    • 2nd offense - 1 month suspension
    • 3rd offense - 6 month suspension
  • Alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted at the flying site.
  • Field or Event Marshals have the final say at the field in all disputes.