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Individuals must show proof of AMA membership for club membership


2014 Schedule of Dues

Key City Bald Eagles Membership Levels

  • Regular members (any age)--------------------$45.00
  • Senior citizens (65 and over)-------------------$25.00
  • *Students in school (includes college)----------$25.00
  • **Family membership----------------------------$55.00
  • Associate members------------------------------$20.00

*Students must have proof of current school enrollment

**Each family member must be listed on application and each own AMA membership

  • Anyone can have one free flight with a training cord without an AMA or club membership
  • After October 1, new members may have the balance of the current year free by paying the following year's dues in full
  • A new R/C modeler to the hobby can have a free thirty day trial membership if he/she has a current AMA card. He/she must apply to a club officer for a free 30 day membership card. After 30 days he/she must pay dues per the above schedule to continue to use the clubs facilities
  • A member of any other AMA sanctioned club over 25 miles from Mankato may fly at the clubs flying field he/she produces a current membership card of that club and a current AMA card
  • An AMA member with a current AMA card and not a member of any club may fly as a guest at the clubs facility with a current member for three (3) times. After that he/she must join the club to continue to use the clubs facility